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How To Choose The Best Type Of Frosting For Your Wedding Cake

Updated: Jun 12

WEDDING - The one day in our life that we dream of being perfect, without disruptions, or any minor thing going wrong. 

We have all dreamed of perfection on this day: the perfect dress, venue, and, most importantly, the prettiest cake! 

A wedding cake is more than just a dessert; it is directly connected to celebrating your love. Your wedding cake should be the one thing that has to be perfect to enjoy and celebrate your love fully. 

For it to look perfect, you must choose the best frosting for wedding cakes. And with so many types of frosting for cakes available, choosing the right one according to your theme, taste preference, cake design, and overall environment can be quite overwhelming. 

This blog guides you on choosing the best wedding cake frosting considering every aspect revolving around your dream wedding.

How to Choose A Best Frosting For Your Wedding Cake
How to Choose A Best Frosting For Your Wedding Cake

Choose A Flavor 

First things first, your icing should taste amazing, and according to your personal preference. Let’s list down the flavours of icings for cakes that you can explore: 

1. Buttercream 

The most popular in demand and immensely delicious! Light in texture and rich in taste, It's a delicacy that can not go wrong. 

Buttercream wedding cakes are the most accessible and convenient option. However, the real question is what is the best buttercream for a wedding cake?

  • American Buttercream: it is creamy and extremely sweet! Convenient for the sweet tooths. 

  • Swiss Meringue Buttercream: It is lighter than American buttercream, and also less sweet to balance the sugar and other flavors ratio. 

  • Italian Meringue Buttercream: Known to withstand warm temperatures this type of icing is perfect for outdoor weddings 

2. Cream Cheese Frosting 

Cream cheese frosting is the go-to option for those who value flavor; it’s tangy and delightful for taste buds. 

In the many different types of frosting for cakes cream cheese can be used the best to pair with either red velvet cake or the iconic carrot cake! It simply elevates the flavor of any simple cake. 

3. Ganache 

This creamy wedding frosting, prepared of heavy cream and melted chocolate, has an exquisite taste and texture. 

It also comes in a chocolate flavor (dark, milk, white) and gives a shiny and slippery texture. It is perfect for a sophisticated cake and stable even when exposed to warm temperatures.

4. Fondant 

If you want your wedding cake to look flawless from every angle than fondant is what you should go for, made from powdered icing sugar it has a thick texture that can mold into any shape you desire.

Other Considerations

Once you know what flavor to choose from your cake frosting options, remember to consider other factors that may impact your icing. 

1. Smooth design 

Swiss and Italian meringue buttercream is the best type of frosting to use for achieving a smooth surface as a base for piped work and to support sugar flowers. 

Its very soft surface makes it easy for cake decorators to draw small details and get clean edges converting the cake into a masterpiece. 

And If you specifically want to have your wedding cake decorated with sugar flowers, ruffles, or other sugary embellishments, then Swiss meringue buttercream is the right choice for you.

2. Standing still

Since ganache is relatively firm in texture, it works best for cakes having many layers or complex formations. 

Unlike other subtle types of frosting, ganache will not fall or crumble, which means your cake will look as enticing as you want it to be during each moment of the wedding. 

This is particularly crucial for the cakes that are likely to be displayed for many hours before they are cut or, even better, moved to a different location.

Also, ganache gives a smooth, shiny appearance to the cake which is also appropriate for a wedding cake that depicts professionalism and elegance.

3. Weather conditions

A point that should not go unnoticed when deciding on the type of frosting includes the kind of cake being made, the occasion, and the weather during the big day. 

Especially, If you are thinking about a summer wedding, then some lighter frosting as whipped cream or ganache should be used to be taken to the warm temperature. 

Your frosting choices should not only suit your wedding cake design and the chosen taste but it should also remain in good standing throughout the wedding, with climate conditions in case of an outdoor wedding.

4. Rustic cake frosting 

Whipped cream frosting can be viewed as a kind of frosting that compliments the less formal theme of a wedding. It is ideal for an outdoor wedding since the cake can be placed near the trees and is perfect to serve during a warm summer season. 

Frosting By Feroze - Your Cake Partners 

Choosing your perfect wedding cake for your big day is as important as anything else, if this blog helped you in clearing your head a bit more towards what type of frosting you should be choosing, then you must visit Frosting By Feroze and give a read to what more we have to offer!

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