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Pandemic product launch

When the pandemic put us into lockdown in March, our business came to a halt. Wedding season had JUST started and everything got postponed indefinitely.

No one knew how long this was going to last. Things were only speculated to close down for 2 weeks so we were enjoying this slow time with no cakes to make and more time to focus on improving the business itself.

Our gothic looking website that I had designed (my first website ever) needed a makeover baaadly so we spent a week working on that and other back end things that needed to be taken care of.

The lockdown kept getting extended every 2 weeks and at this point, people realized they couldn't wait months to celebrate their birthday or anniversary, so they wanted a cake for just their family. This is when we launched a product that we had thought about introducing about 6 months before the pandemic started: the mini celebration cake.

The delay in the launch of this product happened because our business was picking up pace so we frankly just didn't have the time to bother with a new product launch. But now with the pandemic upon us and all this free time, there was no better time than now.

The mini celebration cake made its debut finally during the pandemic!

This was 2 layers of 4" cake that fulfilled the purpose of having a cake to celebrate with and enough servings for 2-4 people. It could be ordered in any flavour that we offered on our website and there were only 2 options when it came to the design. Either with sprinkles or with buttercream rosettes piped on in any colour (pictured above).

We offered contactless pickup and delivery options and this product became an instant hit. It's all we made every day until restrictions were eased and people could start having larger gatherings.

The mini celebration cake saved us during this pandemic...

Looking back, it has been a tough 8 months but we have learned and grown so much since as well and we are full of nothing but gratitude. So many exciting things coming up in 2021. Stay tuned! :)

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